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When Investing in Promising Tech Startups Goes Beyond Chasing Unicorns

From 2018 to 2019, the technology sector in the U.S. registered a 27.3 percent year-over-year (YoY) growth according to the State of Swyft Industry Report.

If you’re looking for up-and-coming tech companies to invest in this 2020, endeavor to look beyond the flashy ideas to find ones that disrupt while providing real value and have the potential to unlock systematic change.

Three things to consider are:

Connectivity through infrastructure and innovations focused on developing networks and platforms that democratize access and liquidity for various asset classes that previously had limited accessibility.

The Future of Work by investing in tech and systems that increase productivity, enabling companies and individuals to work smarter in order to meet the demands of evolving work environments. Advancements in this sector empower people to make a larger impact in their individual work functions through tools designed for more intelligent workflows.

The Future of Living through new tech and innovative solutions that reimagine how we live in urban environments. Aimed at cleaner, greener, more affordable, healthier, more positive, and sustainable living, these new businesses offer home sharing, sustainable energy, mobility and clean resources, as well as clean-label products.

To guide you in your search for new technology companies to invest in, seek out a venture capital (VC) firm so the dollars you invest go directly to the company founder and help fuel the growth of the startup.

Based in Los Angeles, Veloquence Capital provides access to promising tech startups to invest in – companies led by innovators and dreamers who seek to create global impact. This is how we are able to deliver homerun outcomes for our investors.

The Veloquence Capital Difference

Veloquence Capital has built and continues to grow a portfolio of top tech companies. A diversified portfolio, 70 percent of funds are placed in domestic (U.S.) startups with the remaining 30 percent in international startups. Our areas of focus are: health care, connectivity, fintech, space tech, the future of work, and the future of living.

When you invest in startup companies with Veloquence Capital, you get access to top-decile return and performing emerging funds. We partner with you to create an index and double-down on companies with breakout performance. We empower you to build a smarter fund with tech and data.

Unlike traditional VCs, we work closely with our founders, building alongside them to develop strong internal tech, operations, and teams in order to deliver attractive and consistent investment outcomes.

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