Investing in Space Companies: Why Wait?

The space sector is a multi-billion dollar industry. Aerospace & Defense News (ASD) reports that as of 2018, its market value reached $365 billion, and is estimated to grow to $558 billion by 2026.

And when high-profile billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos pour their money into commercial space ventures, investors’ heads are turned.

But did you know that both Musk’s SpaceX and Bezos’ Blue Origin were founded in the early 2000s? So even for the average investor, it isn’t too early to reach for the (proverbial and actual) stars by entering the space economy.

For those who aren’t quite ready to invest in space companies, frontier tech covers more than shuttles and satellites. This sector also includes innovations that push the boundaries of technological capabilities and adoption, such as AI, robotics, and augmented reality.

Frontier tech is an area of focus of Los Angeles-based Veloquence Capital, which provides a smart platform for investing in promising space startups and other visionary ventures.

What Makes Us Different from Other Venture Capital Firms

When we consider space companies to invest in, we seek out visionary entrepreneurs with scalable businesses that have the potential to transform the whole industry. The same standard is applied to the startups we select across frontier tech and in our other areas of focus, such as health care, connectivity, and fintech. Ultimately, what we look for are innovative solutions that can unlock systemic change and create global impact.

We work closely with our founders, building alongside them to develop strong internal tech, operations, and teams in order to deliver attractive and consistent investment outcomes. Doing this, we have built and continue to grow a portfolio of top tech companies. A diversified portfolio, 70 percent of funds are placed in domestic (U.S.) startups with the remaining 30 percent in international startups.

When you invest with Veloquence Capital, you get access to top-decile return and performing emerging funds. We partner with you to create an index and double-down on companies with breakout performance. We empower you to build a smarter fund with tech and data.

This 2020, think about investing your money in “astropreneurs” who are shaping the space sector. If you are keen on being part of a skyrocketing industry, send us an email at and we’d be happy to discuss how you can help fuel and benefit from ideas that are reaching new frontiers.

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