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How Investing in High-Potential Fintech Startups Can Be Meaningful

In 2018, the value of the global fintech (financial technology) market reached a whopping $127.66 billion according to a 2020 report by The Business Research Company. It also forecasts that the sector will soar to around $309 billion by 2022.

But those looking to invest in fintech startups should look at why companies like Stripe and Ripple are flourishing. At the heart of it, fintech is about reimagining financial systems to provide fair, transparent, and secure solutions that empower individuals, promote financial inclusion and access, and ultimately enhance consumer and business experiences.

Truly disruptive fintech startups find the meaning in money. It is this line of thinking that has contributed to advancements in fintech infrastructure that have created banking and money management solutions for the underbanked, and brought about the rise of neo banks catering to digital-native consumers seeking tech-enabled banking at a lower cost.

Now finding these startups is a different matter entirely. If you are looking to enter or grow your portfolio to include fintech, consider collaborating with a trusted venture capital (VC) company that works closely with visionary founders who have the potential to create global impact.

Veloquence Capital, a venture capital firm in Los Angeles, provides investors a smart platform to invest in fintech companies, supporting visionary ventures that transform world-changing ideas into systemic solutions.

Investing in High-Growth Fintech Companies with Veloquence Capital

We invest in fintech startups that demonstrate the capacity to revolutionize financial systems – or already have. When we find companies that are committed to fueling and being part of a regenerative economy, we build alongside them, empowering them to develop strong internal tech, operations, and teams, which delivers attractive and consistent investment outcomes.

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Veloquence Capital has built and continues to grow a portfolio of top tech companies. A diversified portfolio, 70 percent of funds are placed in domestic (U.S.) startups with the remaining 30 percent in international startups. Our areas of focus are: health care, connectivity, fintech, space tech, the future of work, and the future of living.

When you invest in startup companies with Veloquence Capital, you get access to top-decile return and performing emerging funds. We partner with you to create an index and double-down on companies with breakout performance. We help you build a smarter fund with tech and data.

For us, it’s about more than just investing in companies. We give visionary founders the tools and the support network to thrive; and when they do, so do our investors. We firmly believe that technology and tech-enabled businesses can help solve systematic problems in a profitable and scalable way.

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Let’s collaborate and talk about meaningful fintech investments you should grow with this 2020. Email us at info@veloquence.capital to learn about these ideas that are reaching new frontiers.

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