Based in Los Angeles, Veloquence Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in industries across the globe, where visionary ventures are truly able to uplift lives and elevate the human experience. We see ideas being transformed beyond their imaginable limits into scalable, profitable businesses that solve systemic problems and create a new future:

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Wellness Science
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Space Tech
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Innovative solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem improve how we learn, work, and even live. From large developments in infrastructure such as networks and global platforms, to the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT), we zero in on tech and ideas that democratize access. And this goes beyond connecting people to people. Developments in C2B have increased liquidity for various asset classes that previously had limited accessibility.


The Future or Work

Tech solutions—such as cloud collaboration and software that streamline workflows—enable companies and employees to meet the demands of evolving work environments.

Advancements in this sector increase productivity by empowering people to work smarter. This enhances the impact they create both individually and as teams.


The Future of Living

Aiming for cleaner, greener, more affordable, healthier, more positive, and sustainable living, visionary entrepreneurs are reimagining how we live in urban environments. Home sharing, mobility and clean resources, sustainable energy, smart homes, and clean-label products are all part of this movement.



In a sector that presents huge opportunities in both traditional and alternative care as well as the wellness umbrella, we seek advancements that push the boundaries of human longevity— living longer and healthier. These initiatives boldly reshape our perspectives and systems, shifting from treatment to prevention, combining food and plant-based medicines with innovative healthcare.


Financial Technology


Redesigned financial systems are true gamechangers. They provide fair, transparent, and secure solutions that empower individuals, promote financial inclusion and access, and ultimately enhance consumer and business experiences. Advancements in FinTech infrastructure have created banking and money management solutions for the underbanked, and brought about the rise of neo banks catering to digital-native consumers seeking tech-enabled banking at a lower cost.


Frontier Tech

Frontlined by a skyrocketing space economy, this sector is all about pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities and adoption. AI, robotics, and augmented reality are strong contenders in Frontier Tech.

Let’s co-create the future

Do you have an idea that’s been called ‘too much, too grand, too

optimistic’, and you agree — but only because you know that the industry it

will move in is too small, too rigid, too traditional? Let’s broaden the

horizons of that industry. We’re ready to change the world when you are.