Investments with Global Impact: Our Focus Sectors

Veloquence Capital, a venture capital company based in Los Angeles, invests in industries where visionary ventures are poised to elevate the human experience through ideas that reach new frontiers. These are scalable, profitable businesses that solve systemic problems and uplift lives.


Innovative solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem that impact how we learn, work, and live for the better. Largely but not exclusively, these are infrastructures focused on developing networks and platforms that democratize access and liquidity for various asset classes that previously had limited accessibility.

The Future of Work

We invest in technology and solutions that increase productivity, enabling companies and individuals to work smarter and more efficiently, in order to meet the demands of evolving work environments. Advancements in this sector empower people to make a larger impact in their individual work functions through tools designed for more intelligent workflows.

The Future of Living

We seek out visionary entrepreneurs who are reimagining how we live in urban environments. Aimed at cleaner, greener, more affordable, healthier, more positive, and sustainable living, their new technologies and innovative solutions offer home sharing, sustainable energy, mobility and clean resources, as well as clean-label products.


A sector that Business Wire reports will soar to $11.9 trillion in 2022 globally, the healthcare market presents huge opportunities in both traditional and alternative care, as well as the wellness umbrella. We zero in on advancements focused on pushing the boundaries of human longevity (living longer and healthier). These initiatives allow us to reimagine our health and wellness systems, shifting from treatment to prevention, combining food and plant-based medicines with innovative healthcare systems.

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Poised to reach $309 billion by 2022 based on a 2020 report by The Business Research Company, FinTech is a sector where startups are able to reimagine financial systems to provide fair, transparent, and secure solutions that empower individuals, promote financial inclusion and access, and ultimately enhance consumer and business experiences. Advancements in FinTech infrastructure have created banking and money management solutions for the underbanked, and brought about the rise of neo banks catering to digital-native consumers seeking tech-enabled banking at a lower cost.

Frontier Tech

With a projected value of $558 billion by 2026 according to Aerospace & Defense (ASD) News and fortunes being poured into the industry by trailblazers such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the space economy is skyrocketing. Other stars in frontier tech are AI, robotics, and augmented reality, which are all pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities and adoption.

Our focus

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