Enlightened Investments in Response to the New Normal

The world was thrown a curveball in the form of Covid-19; and lacking unified, immediate action, the response it swung was a hit and a miss.

As businesses and entire institutions reel from the economic, political, and social ramifications of a pandemic, it becomes painfully apparent that the new normal of struggling to survive amidst life-on-hold measures must be transitory.

The way forward demands reimagined and retooled systems — long-term solutions, not band-aid plays. So while many wonder when life will return to normal, the question that needs answers is “How will the new future be better than the one we had planned?”

What this calls for are enlightened investments – ones that transform game-changing ideas into systemic solutions poised for global impact.

At Veloquence Capital, a Los Angeles-based venture capital (VC) firm, we work to empower humanity by enabling ideas to reach new frontiers. We seek out startups that present opportunities to achieve real and exponential prosperity in a truly networked and regenerative economy.

Our focus areas that will be playing major roles in the new future:


Alongside the fortification of public healthcare systems around the world will be advancements focused on pushing the boundaries of human longevity (living longer and healthier). A shift from treatment to prevention, this involves combining food and plant-based medicines with innovative healthcare.


In quarantine, many companies saw the need to close efficiency gaps in telecommuting and remote work. This requires tech and solutions that empower people to make a larger impact in their individual work functions through tools designed for more intelligent workflows. Ultimately, this increases productivity, enabling companies and individuals to work smarter and more efficiently.


The above necessitates innovative solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and infrastructure focused on developing networks and platforms that democratize access. This is also crucial for educational institutions as they explore the possibilities of remote learning.


Advancements in this sector bring about reimagined financial systems with the goal of providing fair, transparent, and secure solutions. These empower individuals, promote financial inclusion and access, and ultimately enhance consumer and business experiences. Illustrating this is the rise of neo banks catering to digital-native consumers seeking tech-enabled banking at a lower cost.

Frontier Tech

As supply chains are reimagined, AI and robotics will come into play, pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities and adoption in order to meet evolving demands. Augmented Reality may also play a part in moving the hard hit travel industry forward.

The Future of Living

Aimed at cleaner, greener, more affordable, healthier, more positive, and sustainable living, new technologies and innovative solutions such as those that promote home sharing, sustainable energy, mobility and clean resources, as well as clean-label products will help us redefine urban living.


Grow With Us

If you are looking to invest in these sectors through a VC company you can trust, collaborate with us this 2020.

We give you access to top-decile return and performing emerging funds. We partner with you to create an index and double-down on companies with breakout performance. We help you build a smarter fund with tech and data.

For us at Veloquence Capital, it’s about more than just investing in companies. We give visionary founders the tools and the support network to thrive; and when they do, so do our investors. We firmly believe that technology and tech-enabled businesses can help solve systemic problems in a profitable and scalable way.

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